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افشین afshin
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افشین afshin

(Persian: افشین‎ , born May 6, 1978 in Babol, Iran) is an Iranian pop singer. He is of the new generation of singers who've started their career in exile. He currently lives in Los Angeles, United States where he's now an established singer.
Afshin on cover of an Album
Afshin on cover of an Album
Background information
Birth name Afshin
Born May 6, 1978 (age 28)
 Babol, Iran
Genre(s) Pop
Occupation Singer
Years active 1999–present
Label(s) TaranehRecords
Caltex Records

  • 1999: Rain
  • 2002: Star
  • 2003: Aso Pas
  • 2005: Maach

Afshin's initiation into the Iranian music scene began with the Rain album. His two other subsequent albums also gained some attention, mainly among the youth. However, it was not until the release of Maach that the singer came to the spotlight. The hits of this album such as Dige Azat Badam Miyad, along with the title song Maach, have made repeated airings on various Iranian radio and TV stations-and thus making Afshin among Iranians-a household name.

In addition to his Persian songs, he has collaborated with his brother AmirAli for German language songs. His music merges Western and Persian pop with traditional Persian music to extract a unique modern music. His lyrics have been called mellow but, at times, overt.

He has had growing problems since he was a mere boy, this is what his critics take joy in when they make fun of him.

Reportedly, he is quite popular among Iranian girls as he has devoted many songs to them. Regardless, as of 2006, Afshin is still single.

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