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18 رای
مهدی مقدم (Mahdi)
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مهدی مقدم (Mahdi)

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2) Mosafer
3) Tanha Tooyeh Iroon "Akh Joon"
4) Gole Sangam
5) Too in Zamoone
6) Khooneyeh Mardarbozorg
7) Zemestoon
8) Gole Goldoon
9) Perfect World
10) Zemestoon (Instrumental)

The new millennium has been dubbed the age of remakes and remixes by the international club-music establishment and society. A very popular musical movement led by a line of international dance music-acts and projects, known as the “re-players,” is currently evoking a cluster of hits from the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s on the European and American club-scenes. The Iran-based and academically trained Amir Bahador Kharazmi can be regarded as the Iranian ambassador of this international movement, and his debut album a tribute and homage to some of Iranian music-history’s most prominent artists and their timeless masterpieces. Amir Bahador Kharazmi has in his “Too in Zamoone,” nostalgically and respectfully restored these modern-classics, while creatively and innovatively reintroducing them in a cavalcade of acid vocal-trance, ambient ethno-dance and euphoric euro-techno to the younger- and future generations to come.

Released: June 2004

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